About safety of DUGA

About safety of DUGA

About safety of DUGA

About a site called DUGA

DUGA introduces the adult animation which much celebrity makers produced in the site in the net and sells it.

DUGA does not produce an adult animation, and DUGA is, so to speak, the existence such as the rental video cassette shop in the net.

All the animations which DUGA sells are the security that is the animation which there is the correction that a domestic maker produced in (there is a mosaic).

The membership is a huge site largest in 1 million industries for 11 years in an administration career of DUGA.

For the intended to purchase an animation in a net for the first time, I think whether there is the various uneasiness.

There is additional request later? ?

Is it … that it is taken and cannot download only money?

… which credit card registration is afraid of

I thought a little at the start, but, judging from the many scale and memberships of the site, the popularity of the animation maker to sell, thought that probably this was all right.

Well, after collecting information in a net for sense, DUGA led to conviction to be fail-safe.

I say, or it may be said that 1 million people do not have the reason why the company where a member is makes fraud either simply because such a thing is the company which there is not even if members increase to here.

I knew it later when virtually afraid of fiction request and fraud when I purchased a product in Amazon if I compared one’s fear and said.

I buy an animation all the time in DUGA, too, but of course there is no damage such as the imaginary request or fraud entirely, too.

Fiction is right the safety of the level same as what is not requested when I buy books in Amazon.

Merit of buying a paid video in a net

At the present when net environment was maintained, I came to be able to easily buy the adult animation through a net.

Because I purchase data by a method called downloading and the streaming unlike borrowing DVD in a rental video cassette shop, a thing with the form may not have been sent to a house.

【Merit to buy a video in a net

①You can buy it without meeting anyone while being in the home

②I can choose you until I am satisfied calmly slowly and carefully

③I can choose you to see a sample video

④You do not need to mind a return time limit

(in the case of DDGA, I can download it again and again without any restriction)

【Difference between downloading and streaming】

Downloading reproduction is to watch it after downloading the data of the video in the terminal which oneself such as a PC and the smartphone uses.

A merit: I can watch it even if not connected to the net

A demerit: The free space that is suitable for a terminal is necessary

I do not watch it after downloading the data of the video, and streaming reproduction is to watch a video while being connected to the net.

A merit: The free space is not necessary for a terminal

A demerit: I cannot watch it if not in condition to have led to a net

Because it is often found to watch in a house with the Wi-Fi environment, in the case of me, I assume streaming reproduction Maine

Merit of buying a video in DUGA

●A high-resolution video is seen

I used a free video site almost every day. I gave up the image poor quality then if there was no help for it.

However, I cannot come back anymore when I get used to a high-resolution pay video.

When it can never watch the rial feelings of the details to be seen on the small change and underwear of the expression of the woman in particular by the free video, this is because it noticed it.

Even a version is high-resolution, but there are usually usually high-resolution HD versions of approximately 3 times of the version.

In addition, there is the rental edition that I can watch only for seven days.

The HD version is slightly expensive, and the rental version is slightly cheap.

●The sample video of all works is free to look by a free sign-in

There is the sample video more than 100,000 of them.

The sample video is around one minute from 30 seconds, but is very thankful for judgment materials whether or not I purchase it because I understand the atmosphere of the work.

On the contrary, the number of sample videos which I can watch per day is limited if a member does not have it.

>>>Page of the DUGA free of charge sign-in

(Only an e-mail address is necessary)

●DUGA sell the work of the famous makerthe works of a wide genre

I am said to be DUGA resisting a video of the fetishism in particular.

Of course because the video except the fetishism is sold in large quantities, don’t worry.

Usage (method for purchase)

①Do a free sign-in

Anyone makes a member only in an e-mail address if older than 18 years old.

At this stage, the credit card registration is not necessary.

>>>Page of the DUGA free of charge sign-in

(Only an e-mail address is necessary)

②Choose the work which you likedand settle an account

If the work which you purchased while watching a sample video is decided, and then click a button “to put in a shopping bag“(『買い物かごに入れる』).

You click a button “advancing to the confirmation of the settlement method” (『決済方法の確認へ進む』)and choose a settlement method.

You keep it with a credit card (VISA, MASTER, JCB) for a settlement method, and there is gold (BitCash, Edy, C-CHECK,, bank transfer, the convenience store settlement).

It is natural, but the personal information of the credit card is reliable because it is transmitted a message to the settlement company directly not DUGA.

③Watch a video

You move to the work page that you purchased when you click a certain “PPV purchase history”(『PPV購入履歴』) button in “my page“(『マイページ』).

Therefore reproduction begins by clicking a “reproduction button by a main volume video”(『本編動画を再生』).


DUGA is a safe site.

When I like it anytime, with one’s PC, a smartphone, a tablet, I can watch it.

The method for purchase is simple, too and I purchase it and can reproduce immediately.

It is not necessary to run a car to a rental video cassette shop and when I thought that I want it, you can buy it immediately and can watch it immediately.

It was the really convenient times. This is right entertainment of modern adult.

Please enjoy it.


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